Liam Hemsworth tells On His Elder Brothers, Chris And Luke: ‘They Used To Put Me In The Dryer A Lot

It doesn’t sound easy being the youngest of the Hemsworth brothers.

Liam Hemsworth, the youngest of the Hemsworth siblings, has revealed what it was like growing up with Chris and Luke for older brothers.

The 26-year-old recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he seemed only too happy to tell on his older brothers.  He told host Stephen that ‘there were definitely some shenanigans growing up, I would say loving but mostly traumatic’.

Liam continued ‘They used to put me in the dryer a lot, they wouldn’t put the heat on but they would put me in there.’

In response Stephen questioned Liam about his parents reactions to the antics, to which Liam replied ‘I think they just turn a blind eye to that sort of thing.’

Stephen then moved the conversation onto Australia, referencing Crocodile Dundee and asking Liam, ‘What’s the most offensive thing Americans say to seem Australian, is it like, that’s not a knife?’

Liam jumped on the opportunity to clear up some common misconceptions about Australia. But what did Liam reckon was the worst misconception?

The Hunger Games star answered, ‘I would say the worst is “shrimp on the barbie,”‘

‘We definitely have barbies but we don’t call shrimp, shrimp we call them prawns and typically in Australia we don’t barbecue prawns, most of the time people boil them,’ he went on to explain.’

‘The whole statement is just ridiculous for an Australian. I don’t want to hear it anymore!’

Liam is currently promoting his new movie Independence Day: Resurgence, out on June 23. The movie comes twenty years after its prequel, Independence Day.

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