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Dinushi, 36, and Gayan, 34, emigrated to Melbourne from Sri Lanka in the early 2000s to study and now they’re about to partake in the ultimate LEGO building competition.

Growing up, the best friends LOVED LEGO. However it wasn’t until Gayan gave Dinushi a $10 set for her birthday in 2014 that her passion for the LEGO was reignited


The duo bring varied skills to their LEGO® building as one is all about accuracy while the other focuses on speed. Dinushi’s love for brick progressed so deeply over the years that she now has a room in her home dedicated solely to LEGO – as well as a closet of sets yet to be built. 

Likewise, Gayan has TWO rooms dedicated to LEGO. The pair often unite to build up to three times a week and enjoy recreating movie scenes, superhero scenarios and architecture.

(Credit: Nine)

Dinushi, 36, is a Survey programmer as well as a mum to two daughters, aged two and six. 

Graphic designer Gayan, 34, is father to a five-year-old son. He has more of a creative, freestyle approach to LEGO building.

His method of building does not consist of planning or separating, rather he picks and builds from a pile of bricks. He credits his passion with getting him through some tough times, the building process giving a therapeutic effect.


Outside this hobby, Gayan enjoys drawing and cooking, is well travelled, and aspires to work for LEGO in the future.

The set have have the a very unique way of funding their LEGO obsession. With full-time jobs, families and responsibilities, they discovered there wasn’t enough spare money to indulge their LEGO habit as they desire.

The set came around to solving this by establishing a Sri Lankan food truck business in 2016, using the profits to buy more LEGO and fuel their hobby.


Gayan cooks the traditional Sri Lankan fare for the truck while Dinushi handles bookings and runs front of house. 

The duo nominate their favourite LEGO piece as SNOTs.

Dinushi and Gayan are a friendly pair, described to have an infectious laugh. The team have a building style best described as detailed, colourful and full of character.

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