Lara Worthington bakes decadent first birthday cake for Rocket

It took hours to make.

Lara Worthington has taken to Instagram to show off the cake she made for her son’s first birthday.

‘Rockets 1st Birthday cake… It took me hours, with few supplies on a little island off Spain,’ she wrote alongside the picture.


While most praised the model for her baking efforts, others were quick to criticise.

‘Umm – you could have gotten a little more creative,’ one follower wrote.

The 28-year-old mum confirmed last month to InStyle Australia she is expecting another child with husband Sam Worthington.

‘I’m just excited that Rocket gets a sibling and that they’ll be so close [in age] together, she said. ‘I’m sure it might seem full-on at the beginning for me, and it’s probably a lot harder than it is now, but when they get older they can share their life together.’

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