LEAKED: Kylie Minogue’s surprise Australian show

We should be so lucky!
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An unlikely source has leaked Kylie Minogue’s next Aussie show.  

At a recent press conference AFL boss Gillon McLachlan hinted that Australia’s queen of pop will be joining the grand final halftime act Robbie Wiliams.

WATCH BELOW: Kylie Minogue performs at The Queen’s 92nd birthday

When asked directly, will Kylie perform at the AFL grand final, Gillon acted very suspiciously.

“What are the chances Kylie Minogue joins Robbie Williams on stage on Saturday?” a journalist asked.

“Umm…” Gillon said before leaving a very pregnant pause.

“OK, there’s a surprise. We’ll see. There is a surprise – that’s all I can say.

“He’ll be joined. There you go.”

Kylie and Robbie Williams
There could be a ‘Kids’ reunion (Credit: Getty)

Channel Seven, the network that airs the AFL, reported that the AFL boss is rarely lost for words. So his hesitation is rather telling.

With Robbie Williams, the AFL already has an impressive halftime show but it seems organisers are not content to stop there.

The English super star will be joined by a mix of modern artists, such as Temper Trap and NB-icon G Flip, and classic performers, like the rock-group Goanna and English-Australian musician Mike Brady AM.

But let’s face it, Kylie would be the icing on the cake. 

Fans would be delighted to see Kylie again, especially since her last appearance in Australia was a touch lacklustre. 

Kylie returned to ‘Ramsey Street’ back in August for the Neighbours finale but her Charlene barely had any lines.

Kylie and Jason Donovan
Kylie reprised her role as Charlene (Credit: Getty)

Viewers were pretty frustrated with her performance, joking that the network couldn’t afford to pay her to talk.

“So was Charlene contractually not allowed to speak more than 5 words?,” one viewer wrote online, as a second added: “Has Kylie’s voice box disappeared? Or she charges by the word & they couldn’t afford the lines.. Say something please!”

A third joked, “Blowing the budget with some CGI on the confetti is the reason they couldn’t afford to give Kylie any lines.”

However, the real reason was much more wholesome. 

“Our discussions with Jason and Kylie were always about making a small appearance,” showrunner Jason Herbison told TV Tonight.

“They didn’t want to overshadow the current cast or make the finale about them.”

WATCH BELOW: Kylie Minogue reunites with Jason Donovan to sing Especially For You

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