Pregnant Kylie Jenner ‘cheated on’

Travis Scott is said to be cheating on 'pregnant' Kylie

She’s reportedly pregnant with her first child with Travis Scott, however Kylie Jenner’s happily ever after is looking bleak if new reports suggesting her boyfriend is cheating on her turn out to be true.

According to In Touch, 20-year-old Kylie is about to get the shock of her life when she finds out that Travis has allegedly been cheating on her for much of their whirlwind six-month relationship.

‘Travis is cheating on Kylie with a hot 20-something he met while making a music video,” a source spills to the magazine.

(Credit: In Touch)

‘It’s been going on for a while. Travis says he loves her.

‘Kylie would die if she found out,’ continues the insider.

‘Travis is in love, but not with Kylie.’

After exchanging numbers on the set of his video, the rapper is said to have invited the mystery woman to a party at his place, despite the fact Kylie was supposedly already two months pregnant at the time.

And it’s not just a one-time fling, with Travis and the mystery woman quickly becoming emotionally involved.

‘She’s very exotic and doesn’t have that plastic surgery look like the Kardashian’s have,’ the insider remarks.

However, Travis is still playing the doting baby daddy to Kylie, however insiders suspect that it may have more to do with that fact that he’s set to receive a hefty paycheck if the pair have a televised wedding.

‘He can’t be that serious with Kylie,” contines the source.

‘He’s hooking up with another girl! It’s really sad because Kylie wants to make their relationship work.

If she found out the extent of Travis’ infidelity, she’d be crushed.’

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