Kyle Sandilands returns to radio show after “embarrassing” on-air fight with Jackie O

“Oh, it’s a bit embarrassing, yesterday’s carry-on."
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Kyle Sandilands has returned to the airwaves after storming out of yesterday’s show live on air following an “embarrassing” rant, apologising to his co-host, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, for calling her an “idiot” and admitting it was a bit of a “carry-on”.

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“Hello Kyle,” Jackie O said to Kyle during Thursday’s show.

“Good to have you back. How are you feeling today?”

“Feeling pretty good, yeah … sort of,” a sheepish Kyle replied.

Kyle returned to his show on KIIS FM on Thursday (Credit: Instagram)

“Are you OK over there? You look like you’re going to cry,” Jackie added.

“Oh, it’s a bit embarrassing, yesterday’s carry-on,” Kyle admitted.

“I felt very justified, but I did get my back up a bit – but that happens among friends.”

In case you missed it, the controversial KIIS FM host flew off the handle on Wednesday’s show over the inclusion of the Gladys Berejiklian/Scott Morrison bombshell text leak story in their news segment, berating newsreader Brooklyn Ross and calling Jackie O an “idiot”.

The furious rant culminated in Kyle storming out as he left his co-host to “do the show by yourself”.

Kyle admitted the rant was “embarrassing”. (Credit: Twitter)

“I was reading an article yesterday, and it said I went on a 12-minute meltdown. Was it 12 minutes? Of me continually screaming and carrying on?” Kyle asked his co-hosts, though he admitted he had “every right” to give his two cents on what news was run within the breakfast show.

“I did notice a few people comment, ‘what right does Kyle have to decide what the news is?’,” he said.

“Well, every right, because I run the show. I’m not an employee… I don’t work for anyone.”

He went on to explain his outburst, saying he was “out of his mind”.

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“I was so angry when I was leaving here, I did a huge burnout out the driveway, it was wet so the whole car was going sideways… and I didn’t care if I died,” he joked. “I was out of my mind.”

The drama unfolded on Wednesday morning when Jackie O and Brooklyn Ross were discussing former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian allegedly calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “horrible, horrible person” in a text message.

“This is the biggest news in Australia, and it’s all over nothing,” Kyle ranted at the time. “So what if the ex-Premier called the prime minister a horrible, horrible person? I’ve called everyone here an effing C in text messages. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gladys was just pacifying whatever loser Minister she was talking to.”

“This is not real news. Don’t make up fictitious bulls**t drama over nothing.”

“We don’t have to run around every time some c***sucker from the ABC asks a question,” he continued.

“I’m angry. This is the way the world has been ruined – by d***heads on the news turning these things into bulls**t moments,” he added.

Kyle called co-host Jackie O an “idiot” during his 12-minute rant. (Credit: Twitter)

The extraordinary rant didn’t stop there, with Kyle soon turning his anger to his co-workers.

“You just show how dumb you all are, you idiots. You’re being followed around by c**kheads,” he said, adding, “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying – I think you’re just all real dumb.”.

While Brooklyn attempted to explain to Kyle while the story was newsworthy, the hot-headed host quickly interjected and ordered him out of the studio.

“Just turn your mic off. You’re finished! Get out!”

“Are you serious? I don’t understand,” said Jackie O.

“I’m going home, F**K you. Do the show by yourself, what a f**king show it’ll be,” said Sandilands, before storming out of the studio and leaving his co-host to carry on with the show without him.

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