Kyle Sandilands puffs on ciggie during extended break from radio hosting

Kidding around with the goats!

Kyle Sandilands is currently on an extended break from his radio show and on Thursday his girlfriend Imogen Anthony shared images from his holiday in the rural town of Robertson. 

The 47-year-old looked a little bored as he patted some goats and puffed on a cigarette while walking round the couple’s $2million farm.

Kyle has been taking an extended break after his 27-year-old girlfriend revealed he was ‘extremely sick’ late last year. 

(Credit: Imogen Anthony/Instagram)

Kyle’s boss and the Network’s National Content Director, Duncan Campbell, explained that he had been suffering from gastro.

In a statement to News.com.au, Duncan announced: ‘As Kyle has explained on air, he has been unwell with gastro and this week he took the time he needed to get well.’ 

(Credit: Imogen Anthony/Instagram)

Last September, Kyle took a few weeks off work after admitting he was suffering from sleep issues. 

‘I’ve got blood pressure medication. I’ve got sleep apnoea and I’m a fat thing,’ he said. 

‘So I get into this cycle of gasping for breath, not getting enough oxygen and getting a migraine. I’ve got to have tablets, these things happen…I’m on new medication, which I told everyone a couple of weeks ago [would] make me funny for a couple of weeks. But they all forgot about that.’

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