Kyle Sandilands admits ‘millions’ have been stolen from him

The KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O Show star claimed on-air.

After Sophie Monk revealed a friend ‘ripped off all her money’, radio host Kyle Sandilands has admitted that the same thing happened to him. 

The KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O Show star claimed on-air that someone had taken ‘millions’ of dollars from him.

‘A similar thing happened to me. When you don’t keep your eyes on your finances, people get a hold of your money,’ Sandilands told co-host Jackie O.

‘And if you don’t keep an eye on it, other people start running around and thinking it’s their money to spend.’

Sandilands, 46, even claims he knows who stole Monk’s money.


‘I know exactly who it is, who has taken [it] upon themselves to think they can take what they like. Hers would have been into the hundreds of thousands for someone like her, mine ran into the millions. I was so spewing,’ he said.

‘I wasn’t keeping an eye on things. And you think that person will do the right thing … but before you look into it, all your money’s gone.’


Monk, 36, previously told news.com.au that a friend had ‘ripped off’ all her money.

‘It was a friend of mine. I gave too much permission. I let this person run my banking. You can’t sue because I said yes. I signed the papers without reading them.’

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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