Where is Kristy Wright now?

She played Chloe Richards on Home and Away, but what has she been up to since leaving the show?

Kristy Wright played Chloe Richards, one of the best-loved characters on Home & Away.

About Home & Away

Home & Away is Australia’s second longest-running drama series. You can watch it Mondays through Thursdays at 7:00PM and on-demand on 7plusIt follows the lives of Summer Bay residents, a fictional town on the coast of New South Wales.

Home & Away is a hugely successful media export for Australia, bigger than Vegemite! It has been broadcast in over eighty countries worldwide and won awards both locally and internationally. This show gets the most traction across the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Home and Away was inducted into the Logie’s Hall of Fame back in 2015.

Home and Away
Kristy Wright on the Home & Away set with fellow cast members in 1997. (Credit: Seven Network)

Kristy Wright Fast Facts

● Kristy Wright was born in 1978, in Sydney.
● Kristy sent a photograph into a competition to win acting classes at the Keane Kids Studio.
● She won a year’s tuition of acting classes which fuelled her acting career.
● Kristy received a Logie Award nomination for Most Popular Actress for her role in Home and Away in 1998.

Who was Chloe Richards?

Chloe Richards first graced our screens back in 1995. She was a regular cast member with a complex storyline for four years, until 1999. Chloe then returned for a brief storyline in 2005, which saw her die from injuries sustained in a car accident.

The character of Chloe arrived in Summer Bay with her alcoholic father, she soon ran away from home to try and live with her mum who ultimately turned her away. Returning back to the bay, she landed on the door of Irene Roberts, Summer Bay’s resident foster mother extraordinaire.

Being fostered by Irene gave Chloe an instant family with sister Selina Roberts and brother Joey Rainbow. Chloe fell pregnant to boyfriend Lachlan Fraser who was the resident doctor.

Together they had baby daughter Olivia Fraser-Richards. Lachlan moved to America to receive treatment after a brain tumour left him paralysed.

He later died from a haemorrhage. Lachlans brother James Fraser came to town to help Chloe when Lachlan first leaves, and eventually they married. Soon after though they separated after Lachlan realised Chloe really still loved his brother.

Chloe then moved to the city to start a new life and became a lawyer. Her return in 2005 was to escape an abusive relationship, and she was killed in a car accident caused by Jesse, who was drunk behind the wheel.

Chloe had some tough storylines including a rape, which actress Kristy Wright received praise for her handling of from critics.

Chloe Richards’ First Appearance on Home & Away

Kristy Wright
A scene from Home & Away (Credit: Seven Network)

Chloe Richards’ debuted on Home & Away in 1995.

In the episode, Jack asked to work with her on a school project. After she agreed, working on the project soon prompted into a relationship with Jack.

This caused her father, Max Richards, to demand that Chloe stops dating Jack, primarily because Jack was of mixed race.

Max also started to abuse Chloe physically. Because of this, Chloe ran away from home to find her mother in Western Australia.

Chloe Richards’ Return and Last Appearance on Home & Away

Home and away
Kristy Wright during a scene on Home & Away (Credit: Seven Network)

Kristy returned as Chloe in June of 2005 to give her chapter a proper closure.

She told The Daily Edition, that she loved her time on Home & Away.

In her last few episodes on Home & Away, Chloe Richards was in a car crash with several key characters. She seemingly only suffered a broken arm. While waiting for surgery, she had an embolism in her lung caused by a blood clot from the break. Her foster mum, Irene Roberts, was by her side when she died.

“When they asked me to come back for those few weeks I was really excited,” she revealed in an interview with The Daily Edition.

“When I saw that I was going to die I was like, Ohhhhh, OK, I guess that closes that really important chapter in my life.”

Chloe Richards: Memorable Scenes in Home & Away

These are some of the most memorable scenes during Kristy Wright’s time on the popular Australian drama, Home & Away.

The heartbreaking scene of Chloe Richards’ reaction to Lachie’s coma.

Did you know Kristy guest-starred on Home & Away in 1994 before she officially met Jack?

Cat-fight scene between Selena and Chloe.

Will Chloe Richards ever come back on Home & Away?

Obviously, she’s dead so unless they’re going to start a zombie apocalypse storyline, she most likely won’t.

However, Home & Away isn’t a stranger to people returning from the dead. Ailsa Stewart, Alf’s wife, saw the ghost of her daughter Bobby after she took expired anti-depressants from being diagnosed with post-natal depression. Later on, after Ailsa died, Alf saw visions of his wife while he was suffering from a brain tumour.

Where is Kristy Wright now, after Home & Away?

Kristy Wright
Kristy Wright on The Daily Edition (left) and Home & Away (right). (Credit: Seven Network)

After Home & Away, Kristie had a few roles in shows such as Police Rescue, Above the Law, and Something in the Air.

She was also cast as a ninja warrior in American TV Show, Beastmaster.

Super exciting though, is that Kristy also landed a small role in the huge blockbuster movie anthology “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” as hand maiden Motee.

Kristy Wright was one of the Home and Away actors that had a promising career in Hollywood, alongside Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Melissa George (The Slap) and Isla Fisher (Now You See Me). But eventually she chose a quiet life to raise a family back home in Australia, where she lives today.

Kristy Wright Today

Kristy Wright is an excellent example of a celebrity who keeps her personal life as private as possible. She doesn’t even have an Instagram profile. Although she did make headlines in 2003 when she gave birth to her son, Jai, 3 months prematurely. 

She later said in an interview with The Daily Edition that “he is filled with energy (and) pretty much laughs and smiles all day long. He’s probably the funniest person I’ve ever met, to be honest. His lungs are pretty weak so he has a lot of bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic asthma… but apart from that… we’re really lucky.”

She moved back to Australia with her son, after splitting up with her partner Michaelis Jacoby.

She told The Daily Edition that she’s happy to just spend more time with her son.

“He’s my little team mate, he’s my little buddy. He’s the man of the house – although I’m still training him how to live up to that role, he’s my best friend and we do everything together,” Wright said.

The future looks bright for Kristy Wright

Kristy Wright
(Credit: Mahayana Films)

Kristy Wright won’t give up her acting chops just yet. This year she’ll be starring in a full-feature film called Stranded Pearl, a romantic adventure film, due to premiere in December 2018.

The film is currently in post-production.

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