Kris Jenner’s cosmetic surgery horror

The Kardashian matriarch goes too far!

GLOBE magazine has today reported that Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is so ‘desperate to keep up with her glam girls’, she’s taken her cosmetic surgery TOO far!

Insiders dished to the US publication, ‘Kris is ultra competitive when it comes to looking as good as her daughters. 

‘She’s desperate not to be outshone by them in the looks department. She’ll pull any trick she has to – including surgery!’ 

The 62-year-old has never been shy of sharing her love of plastic surgery, famously documenting her face-lift on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2011, and admits she’s had a boob job, earlobe reductions and Botox injections. 

kris jenner
(Credit: Getty)

A New York-based plastic surgeon told GLOBE, ‘She’s had her cheeks filled, but they went WAY overboard.’ 

Another US plastic surgeon said, ‘Her cheeks look full and rounded. She does look rejuvenated, but it’s a bit overdone.’ 

A friend adds, ‘Kris is hyper conscious people are looking at her very closely as the face of all Kardashian beauty brands. 

‘They way she sees it, she simply has to look as youthful and beautiful as possible.’ 

They continue, ‘But the trouble is she’s in trouble of going too far.’ 

Kris Jenner is yet to respond to GLOBE’s report. 


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