Kim Kardashian slammed for “forcing her insecurities” onto her children

The reality star was attacked online after she posted a picture of her youngest daughter.
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Kim Kardashian has enraged fans after posting a picture of her youngest daughter, 4-year-old Chicago on Instagram, with many accusing the star of “forcing her insecurities” onto her children.

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Fans claimed the photo that Kim re-posted to her story, which compares Chicago with Kendall Jenner is proof that Kim is “obsessed with her children’s looks.”

The original post was made by a fan account and re-shared by Kim on Instagram on Sunday, with the mum-of-four tagging her sister Kendall in the story. 

Kim Kardashian Instagram story
The photo Kim shared to her story. (Credit: Instagram)

The photo shows striking similarities between the two family members, with many fans agreeing that Chicago and Kendall have a number of similarities, however, not everyone was impressed. 

One user on Reddit explained their issue with the post, claiming that the photo feels like Kim is preparing Chicago “to be the next model in the family and wants the public to know that.” 

“Why is Kim obsessed with her tiny child looking like a small adult?” questioned another.

One Reddit user claimed that the photo is proof that “Kim is obsessed with her children’s looks.”

Kendall and Chicago
Fans aren’t happy with the comparison between the two. (Credit: Instagram)

Other fans also took issue with the fact that the photo is heavily filtered, claiming that Kim is “forcing her insecurities” on her children. 

“Photoshopping and putting filters on child photos is where society needs to draw a hard line,” declared one person.

But of course there’s two sides to every story, and many fans were quick to jump to Kin’s defence. 

“I’m not a Kim K defender, but why are people mad that she reposted a picture of Chicago and Kendall looking alike? It’s not otherworldly to look like extended family members.”

Kim and Chicago
Many believe Chicago looks like mum Kim. (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Chicago has been compared to family members, with many fans gushing over how much she resembles her famous mum. 

From her lips to her eyes and facial structure, Chi really is Kim’s tiny twin, but the mum of four admitted on Twitter that she’s blind to it.

“What’s crazy is I don’t really see that but everyone says it!” she penned.

The post comes after the Kardashians released their highly anticipated trailer for season two of their show. 

Fans jumped at scenes in the trailer showing never before seen clips of Kim and her new beau Pete Davidson. 

Last season Pete was only heard off-screen but he appears to play a much bigger role this time around. 

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