Kim Kardashian’s new butt surgery nightmare

Kanye's outrageous demands revealed.

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wed in 2012, the rapper, 41, gave his wife, 37, a complete makeover. 

But, it appears Kanye wants his wife to undertake another dramatic transformation, Star has outrageously claimed. 

‘Friends’ of the Hollywood couple have allegedly told Star magazine that Kanye has given Kim a ‘twisted’ ultimatum – “plump her rump or don’t let the door hit you on the way out”. 

‘Kim’s trying to salvage their marriage by increasing the size of her butt,’ the US publication has sensationally reported. 

‘She and Kanye are having serious problems.’ 

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This is not the first time the couple’s marriage has come under fire. 

An explosive report from In Touch last month claimed that Kim had ‘announced’ to close friends that her marriage to rapper husband Kanye was over. 

The thrice-married reality star reportedly told those in her inner circle that she is leaving the rapper after four troubled years of marriage. 

‘It’s over,’ one insider told the US publication. ‘She’s realised he’s not the man she fell in love with.’ 

According to the bombshell report, the final straw was an ugly fight that erupted after Kanye’s recent off-the-wall tweets, including support of Donald Trump and referring to slavery as a ‘choice’. 

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‘She called him out on his selfishness and how he doesn’t ever think of the repercussions it could have for her brands,’ an insider explosively tells. ‘All he cares about is his music and clothing line.’

‘It was one of their worst fights ever.’ 

The source outrageously adds that Kim is petrified to divorce a third time and potentially fight with Kanye over their shared $300 million fortune, but her desire to get out ‘is greater than’ her fear. 

‘Kim wants her old life back,’ a source said. 

The couple are yet to respond to the latest reports. 

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