KAK gets loose at the races

She was horsing around ahead of the Melbourne Cup Carnival
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They say ‘dance as though no one is watching’, and Kerri-Anne Kennerley certainly kept that in mind as she let loose at the races on Thursday. 

WATCH: Kerri-Anne dismisses Schapelle Corby from first TV interview

The 66-year-old TV veteran danced up a storm in the Channel 10 marquee during a media preview of the Birdcage, ahead of the Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

KAK, who is known to love a party, showed off her moves to Studio 10 viewers during a live segment on the show. 

Kerri-Anne busts a move at the races on Thursday (Credit: AAP Image/Julian Smith)

TV favourite Kerri-Anne managed to get down in her chic race wear, which included a pair of metallic green heels, a floral shift dress and a statement pink hat.  

KAK was having a ball as she danced, surrounded by other racegoers, who watched on in awe. 

kak schapelle
KAK interviewed Schapelle Corby this week

The blonde TV presenter has been busy this week, and on Wednesday she interviewed convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby in the studio. 

Events took an awkward turn when KAK brutally cut Schapelle off mid discussion, during her first TV interview since returning to Australia in 2017.

Schappelle was cut off mid interview by Kerri-Anne (Credit: Channel 10)

Appearing on Channel 10’s breakfast program, Schapelle opened up about mental illness in prison, her new book, and how she felt looking back at videos of herself from the ordeal in the interview.

However, things became tricky when, despite initially asking the 42-year-old to stay on after the break, Kerri-Anne didn’t wait very long before putting an end to their conversation.

As Schapelle began discussing her relationship with Ben Panangian, KAK interrupted her.

“Schapelle, I agreed with your people, one minute only, because you were only asked to do six minutes,” Kerri-Anne said.

“So I have to say, we should absolutely let Schapelle go.”


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