Bachelor In Paradise: Keira reveals the one thing that nearly broke her and Jarrod

Trouble in paradise.

They emerged from Bachelor In Paradise as one of the strongest couples, and Keira Maguire And Jarrod Woodgate have seemed to go from strength to strength since the show finished.

However Keira has revealed there were some trying times after they left paradise that almost derailed their fairy tale romance.

“We did struggle, and we did have a few blow outs over the show,” she tells Cosmopolitan. “It definitely wasn’t easy and we’re not going to deny it. Our relationship did struggle a little bit, but we’re stronger than ever now.”

“I don’t think people understand how hard it is. Not only do you have to watch it back, but you have to relive it. It creates this really negative environment, which really isn’t healthy. And then you’ve got to then relay and talk about it in interviews.


“You have to kind of take yourself back, because all the interviews are based around what was happening on the show, so you are reliving those moments — which were so difficult. You do get caught up in it all.

Despite the strain the show put on their relationship, the couple are stronger than ever with Keira packing up her life in Sydney to live with Jarrod in Melbourne, splitting their time between the city and his family Vineyard. 

“When you love someone, though, it doesn’t really get in the way. I spent most of my weeks here anyway — I’d go to the farm, help out in the kitchen, and it just felt right. It was a really easy adjustment. And now we live together!”

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