Kayla Itsines responds to claims that her app’s unsubscribe ‘glitch’ is fake

Kayla maintains the problem is with Apple
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Kayla Itsines has responded to a disgruntled user of her popular app ‘SWEAT’ on Instagram after they claimed the app won’t let you unsubscribe. 

What started as an innocent Instagram post quickly turned into a full-on call-out post of the mum-of-one’s app, and the lack of options for those who want to stop paying. 

WATCH! As obsessed with fitness as Kayla? The check out the video below! 

The SWEAT app might be free for the first 7 days, however, after that period of time the user must pay $19.99 a month to maintain their subscription. 

Posting to Instagram yesterday, Kayla shared a happy snap from her Singapore trip. 

“You can achieve anything you set your mind to if you PLAN for it. Ladies, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you CAN’T,” wrote the fitness guru.

“That your dream is TOO big. That your goal is UNACHIEVABLE. Set yourself small, realistic goals which put you on track to achieve your end goal.” 


While the post had a strong motivational message, one user took the moment to raise their concerns with Itsines and her app. 

“Attention! Please BEWARE before subscribing to SWEAT app!” wrote the Instagram user. before pointing out that claiming it’s a ‘glitch’ seems like a convenient excuse.

“If you have an iPhone there is a glitch which won’t let you scroll down on your Apple ID and click unsubscribe! They only way out is by contacting Apple support. Sweat team and Kayla, please fix this! Getting out shouldn’t be so hard, TBH this glitch seems kind of convenient.” 

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Despite the shocking claims, the official Instagram of Kayla’s app SWEAT responded to the complaining user by ensuring that it really is just a glitch and it’s an issue with Apple’s subscription setting. 

“Hi, this is unfortunately an error that we have no control over, and is an issue within Apple’s subscription settings.” 

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The fitness mogul continued: “We’re glad to hear you were able to raise this error with Apple and that they were able to cancel your Apple subscription for you.” 

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