Kate Ritchie and Karl Stefanovic play Quick Draw and things get heated

'My behaviour is appalling'

Kate Ritchie has come forward and admitted that her behaviour toward Today Show host Karl Stefanovic was ‘appalling’.

During a segment on her Kate, Tim and Marty radio show on Nova, the 39-year-old radio host and 43-year-old breakfast television host played a game of Quick Draw – the show’s light-hearted fastest finger quiz game. 

Talking to news.com.au she explained, ‘I know that my behaviour playing Quick Draw is appalling and I’m fine to act that way in front of the blokes.’ 

(Credit: Nova)

The segment has garnered huge popularity throughout the years, with Ritchie becoming increasingly competitive. 

So, when ‘comeback King’ Karl was in the studio on Tuesday to play the game a second time – after beating Ritchie the first time – the tension was clearly palpable. 

During the game Ritchie was seen yelling, clapping and yelling some more! However, the competitive nature of the game is all in the name of good-hearted fun! 

Ritchie was victorious this time around, so we’re sure the third time these two competitive personalities play the game it’ll be one for the history books. 

You can watch the full game here.

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