Kate Middleton’s big secret

Is the Duchess hiding the truth about her past from William?
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Kate Middleton’s friend has revealed how the Duchess of Cambridge was still “pining” for her ex Harry Blakelock when she met Prince William in 2001.

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An unnamed friend who attended Marlborough College with the royal told the Mail on Sunday last week that reports Kate had chosen to go to the University of St Andrews to target William were wrong.

At the time, the pal says Kate was still hoping to get back with her ex who had “blown hot and cold with her when they were at school,” adding, “she was always talking about how she could get him back.”

Harry (pictured) enjoyed a romance with Kate before she met William. (Credit: Getty)

Her relationship with Harry reportedly lasted a year and according to Katie Nicholl’s biography of Kate, despite the demands of exams, “both agreed they wanted to make the relationship work.”

She continues: “But then Harry decided he’d take a gap year and travel around the world and decided to break up with her.”

They never resumed their relationship but Kate was left so devastated she didn’t date anyone else for the next two years, until meeting William.

William and Kate (pictured) shortly after announcing their engagement. (Credit: Getty)

Despite this, Kate and William invited Harry to their wedding and since Harry married Kate’s good friend,  Sarah Follett, they have all remained “good friends,” according to Katie.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are happily married with three young kids – Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2 – the road to wedded bliss was a rocky one, to say the least. 

In 2007, Wills and Kate broke-up for what looked like indefinitely, much to the shock of the royal family. 

According to Express.co.uk, Prince William felt ‘suffocated’ by Kate, even telling his group of friends ‘I’m free’ when he broke it off with his future wife. 

To rub salt in the wound, William then went on a drunken spree through London’s nightclubs, where a now-infamous photo made the rounds of the future King of England dancing on a podium next to a stunning Brazilian lass. 

Kate was reportedly furious over William’s behaviour. (Credit: Getty)

According to newly unearthed reports, William’s behaviour didn’t go unchecked by Kate who royally told her ex-boyfriend off for ‘making her look bad’. 

“It was the first such warning she had dished out over the course of their four-and-a-half-year-relationship,” a close friend of the Duchess told the Daily Mail

“Kate had had enough and words were exchanged. “Kate told William that he was making her look bad.” 

The friend then revealed Kate gave her ex a stern ultimatum; shape up or else!  

Luckily for us, William realised he had made a huge mistake fairly quickly, rekindling their romance that same year. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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