WATCH: Karl Stefanovic’s shock body transformation

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Everyone knows you’re more likely to work harder at the gym if you go with a buddy.

Which proved true for ex Today show host Karl Stefanovic, 44, after he worked out with 22-year-old singer, Cody Simpson, on Thursday.  

WATCH: Karl Stefanovic and Cody Simpson go head to head at the gym 

In a video shared to Cody’s Instagram, the unlikely fitness rivals challenged each other during a gym session to see who could reach the highest RPM (revolutions per minute) on a pull-down machine.

Dad-of-three Karl was pictured getting sweaty as he went head to head against Cody.

karl at the gym
(Credit: Instagram )

Karl kicked off the challenge and was seen furiously pulling on the weights for several seconds before reaching an RPM of 637.

It was then Cody’s turn, and despite being half Karl’s age, he couldn’t beat the controversial TV presenter’s efforts. 


“He’s not gonna get there! He’s not gonna get there!” Karl jeered in the background.

He added: “Eat my s**t, Simpson.”

Karl then laughed at the camera, clearly pleased with his fitness efforts. 


Karl shared with fans that he was making some changes to his lifestyle late last year after taking the advice of a doctor. 

“I was told a little while ago by a doctor I needed to make some changes to my physical health,” he shared to his Instagram. 

“It’s been tough. I was fatter than I thought. Ha. But I’m getting there. Slowly. I want to thank @osher_gunsberg for the inspiration.

“And @emiliebrabonhames and @chiefbrabon for making me bleed. Its been really positive. For anyone out there I truly believe it’s never too late,” said Karl. 

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