Karl Stefanovic makes thinly veiled reference to THOSE axing reports

The Today host doesn't appear worried.
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Karl Stefanovic has addressed reports that his position at the Today Show is at risk following Channel Nine CEO Hugh Marks comments blaming the hosts personal life for the breakfast programs plummeting ratings. 

On Wednesday’s program, the 44-year-old journalist made a thinly veiled reference to the media speculation during a segment about tonight’s Dally M Awards.

Sports reporter Tim Gilbert criticised an article that claimed Sam Burgess was skipping the NRL ceremony in the wake of his sexting scandal, of which he was cleared.

Karl took the opportunity to attack the media. 

(Credit: Channel Nine)

“There is so much garbage that gets written about this desk. They [journalists] make it up,” said a clearly worked-up Tim.

“I think you’ve just got to ignore it,’ Karl replied, before Tim added, ‘Do you?”

“It’s upsetting. It’s upsetting to have stuff written about you, isn’t it?” Karl then added, before bursting out laughing. 


Earlier this week Channel Nine chief executive Hugh Marks fired a warning shot at Karl as ratings for the show plunged. 

Hugh Marks has revealed that Karl’s job is safe for the time being but that everyone on the show and “especially Karl” need to step up their game, reported Daily Mail

He also revealed that “it’s been a tough and challenging yer for Karl and Today.”

Marks further stated that the issues in Karl’s personal life have “had an impact on Karl, his colleagues and the show.”

He also admitted that the show would have to work hard in order to win back the viewers they’ve lost. 

Marks’ comments came after The Sunday Telegraph reported Karl would be “axed from the Today show” and “replaced in the New Year.”

The publication stated that executive producer Mark Calvert could also be let go as part of an “engine room makeover.”

Karl took to Instagram on Sunday night to break his silence on the rumours. He claimed in an photo caption that his “friends and family” were “all that matters really.”


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