Karl Stefanovic teases wife Jasmine after awkward run-in

The Today Show host was quite amused by this.
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This week, the real victim of the hilarious family drama in the Stefanovic household is poor little Harper, who may never get to enjoy a petting zoo again after her mum’s run-in with one hungry animal.

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Jasmine Stefanovic took her daughter out for a day to see the animals, and it was presumably going well until their encounter with a bull.

On her Instagram, she shared three pictures from her attempt to feed the farm animal, and as the photo album progresses, the situation becomes more and more out of hand.

So things started off pretty well… (Credit: Instagram)

The mother-of-one looked flustered as she visibly began to scream in fear at the animal, although it’s only right to point out that Harper was still enjoying the fun.

Jasmine captioned the post, “To say I didn’t like feeding the bulls is an understatement, though Harper enjoyed it thoroughly. 😂😂🐂🐂.”

Of course, she didn’t marry Karl for any old reason, so it was likely she expected her husband to take to the comment section to tease her for the farmyard struggle.

First, he sarcastically wrote, “Hahahahaha. A natural with the wild animals.”

He completed his little jab by sharing how much the moment tickled him, and it’s clearly something he will remember for years to come.

“Best photos ever,” he finished.

Oh no. (Credit: Instagram)

Of course, Jasmine’s fans were also smitten with her hilarious animal shortcomings.

One wrote, “I am in stitches😂 These pics are the best. How beautiful is Harper’s smile and laugh.😍 That last pic🤣🥰,” and another commented, “Everything!!!!!!! Harpers face laughing at yours!!!……the BEST❤️😂.”

Karl has made funny comments about his marriage since forever and, in early October, he even made a quip about their sex life on national television.

On the Today Show, he admitted to Sophie Monk, who was promoting Love Island, that he “doesn’t have as much energy as he used to.”

Well, at least Harper is having fun? (Credit: Instagram)

But his co-host Allison Langdon wasn’t having it when she quickly retorted, “No, you don’t.”

Sophie also got in on the fun and tried to provoke the presenter to elaborate on his comment.

“What has happened to you now, Karl? Are you just getting tired?,” Sophie asked.

“I’m still quietly firing up, but just once a year,’ replied Karl.

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