Karl Stefanovic breaks his silence following Today departure

The former breakfast host is speaking out.
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This week, Karl Stefanovic confirmed he’s quit his job as host of TODAY.

Now, he is speaking out.

The Daily Telegraph report that he said: “I am looking forward to getting back to the sunshine.”

Karl is currently on his honeymoon in Aspen with new wife Jasmine Yarbrough.

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On Thursday, the TODAY show’s entertainment guru Richard Wilkins gave an emotional tribute to his colleague.

“Karl Stefanovic has been a co-host of this great show for 14 years and I’ve had the honour and pleasure, and pressure, sometimes of working alongside him almost every day over that time, and I can tell you from the heart that there is nobody who has worked harder for this show than Karl,” Wilkins said.

“He is a fantastic, intuitive and intelligent journalist. I describe him as an intoxicating mix of world’s best broadcaster and naughty schoolboy.

“There is no secret that the past year or so has been difficult times for Karl but I can say he has walked into the studio every morning with energy and passion bringing ideas to make the show bigger and better.

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