Karl and Cass caught out!

The secret meeting they tried to hide.

It’s the wedding that has everyone on the edge of their seats. In just a few days’ time Karl Stefanovic will marry his younger girlfriend Jasmine Yarborough in a lavish Mexican ceremony.

But while Jasmine, 34, is finalising the details on one of the most-talked about events of the year, it seems her soon-to-be husband has been busy making amends with his ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn following their bitter public split, leaving Jasmine very upset.

So much so that when Karl told the shoe designer that he had wanted to touch base with Cass, she apparently laughed and jokingly said, “The wedding is off!”

karl and cass
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But when it comes to making their union official, nothing will stand in Karl and Jasmines way.

Not even Karl’s desperate bid to make peace with Cass before tying the knot on Dec. 8.

The 44-year-old is hoping to get Cass, 47, back on side in hopes his children will come round too.

Karl’s plea for forgiveness comes as reports emerge that the Today show host’s eldest son, Jackson – who is believed to have taken his mother’s side in his parents’ divorce – won’t be attending the nuptials.

karl and jasmine
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According to a well-placed insider, Karl will do just about anything to have all three of his children – Jackson, 19, Ava, 13, and River, 11 – by his side on his big day, but as the ceremony draws near, his wish looks less and less likely to come true.

“Karl is very much wanting all of his kids there on the day,” our source explains.

“Especially Jackson. Karl and Jackson were really close before everything happened and now they barely speak. They used to go away together all the time and Karl would often take Jackson and his mates on boys’ trips. It breaks Karl’s heart that he’s basically lost his best mate.”

The source adds that Karl’s offspring are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that “their father left their mother for a younger woman and is now set to marry her”.

new idea

“The boys have struggled with it more than Ava,” our source continues.

“Unlike Jackson and River, Ava has formed a close connection with Jazzy. They bond over fashion and makeup, you know, girlie things, and the pair even follow each other on Instagram.

“But Jackson in particular is loyal to his mum.” So much so, that back in August Cass took to social media to wish Jackson a happy birthday by posting a heartfelt message.

“Respect is earned and I have bucket loads for this kind and considerate young man,” she captioned a snap of the mother-son duo.

And while Cass, who appears happier than ever, welcomes the idea of being civil for the sake of the children, deep down she’ll never forgive Karl. “What people seem to forget is that Cass was the mastermind behind Karl’s success,” our insider explains.

“A lot of the ideas Karl used to present to the network back in the day were actually Cass’.”

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