Julia Morris’ marriage breakdown: “My fresh start!”

Julia Morris’ 16-year marriage to Welsh comedian, Dan Thomas, has reportedly come to an end.
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Julia Morris’ 16-year marriage to Welsh comedian, Dan Thomas, has reportedly come to an end, thanks in large part to Victoria’s testing pandemic lockdowns.

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New Idea understands the couple realised their relationship had “simply run its course” before calling time a few months ago.

“It’s all very amicable. They are still figuring things out, but there’s two children involved and Julia and Dan are determined to put their daughters first,” tells a friend, who confirms there’s no nastiness between either party.

“They’ve been through a lot together and I think they realised it was time to move on. I’m pretty sure they will stay friends,” adds the pal.

Julia, 53, has reportedly shared the news with friends and her colleagues, including co-host Dr Chris Brown, on the NSW set of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, where she has been for weeks, while Dan remains in Melbourne.

Julia and Dan share two children together. (Credit: Instagram)

News of the marriage breakdown comes after Julia publicly revealed she’d had an eyelid lift and gotten “the beef cut out of her eyes”.

She’s also recently embarked on a three-month weight-loss journey. The friend says Julia is currently focusing on her children, as well as on her own physical and mental wellbeing.

She and Dan met two decades ago in London through mutual friends and got married in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve in 2005.

They share two daughters, Ruby, 15, and Sophie, 13, who they’re still raising together.

Julia recently showed off her eye surgery. (Credit: Instagram)

Julia is the first to admit that their relationship hasn’t always been perfect.

Earlier this year she told Stellar magazine that she thinks about leaving Dan “once a year” because of their arguments.

However, she did also concede she couldn’t imagine being without the man she nursed through breast cancer in 2012.

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