Judge Judy: I’m worth $300m but shops at discount stores

She won't pay $100 for something you can get for $15.

Despite earning millions, the tough courtroom judge still shops at discount stores.

Friends revealed to Closer, that fame and fortune hasn’t changed Judge Judy.

The 73-year-old has extended her contract for her show, seeing it through until 2020 and is reportedly worth $300 million.

Closer reports Judy still buys ‘dime store cosmetics, drives a nondescript SUV and above all else, relishes time she spends with her five children and 13 grandchildren.’

‘I had very practical, wonderful parents who had a good moral compass and a work ethic,’ says Judy.

A friend adds, ‘Judy has always had feet firmly planted on the ground.’

‘When it comes to everyday things, Judy hates to overpay.’

A store associate at Saks Fifth Avenue told the magazine she hits the sale racks.

‘She’s definitely not a shopaholic,’ she said. ‘There are plenty of instances where she comes in just to browse but doesn’t make a purchase.’

The Judge even shops at ‘Cosco and Walmart,’ the friend reveals.

‘She will not be played for the fool, and she isn’t going to pay $100 for something that you can get just as well for $15.’

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