JonBenet Ramsey Lifetime movie trailer drops

Your first look at the stars of Who Killed JonBenet?

It’s the case that continues to grip the world – who killed beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey?

Hot on the heels of the riveting CBS docuseries The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey, which pulled in huge figures as it tried to uncover once and for all what happened on that fateful night 20 years ago, US network Lifetime has revealed the first look at its upcoming telemovie, Who Killed JonBenet?.

Airing in November, the made-for-TV movie focuses on the investigation and the suspicious behaviour of the six-year-old’s family in the wake of her death, and is reported to include a number of shock revelations. 

Lifetime’s upcoming telemovie, Who Killed JonBenet?, focuses on the family’s reactions in the aftermath of the gripping crime (Credit: Lifetime)
The made-for-TV movie comes after CBS’s The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey, which left many believing Burke Ramsey, nine, was the killer (Credit: Lifetime)

Young actor Kiefer O’Reilly has been cast as nine-year-old Burke Ramsey – JonBenet’s older brother, who many think was guilty of his sister’s brutal murder.

Michael Gill stars as John Ramsey, with Julia Campbell as his wife Patsy and Payton Lepinski as JonBenet.

In addition to the telemovie, Lifetime has also announced that it has ordered a two-hour true crime docuseries to run directly after the telemovie.

JonBenet’s Mother: Victim Or Killer? centres on the now deceased Patsy Ramsey’s alleged involved in her daughter’s death.

A grieving family or co-conspirators in covering up their daughter’s murder? (Credit: Lifetime)

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