Johnny Depp mocks Barnaby Joyce and the never-ending dog saga

"He looks somehow inbred with a tomato"

Johnny Depp has said Australia’s agriculture minister looks like an explosive “inbred with a tomato”, taking another shot in the war on the teacup terriers.

Last month, the saga of Johnny Depp versus Australia appeared to have concluded when Depp and his wife, Amber Heard, released an awkward video, apologising for illegally bringing their Yorkshire terriers into the country. The case quickly gained media attention worldwide, drawing attention to our strict quarantine laws, aimed at protecting the continent from overseas diseases and pests.

Depp recently appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live and re-ignited the war by mocking Barnaby Joyce’s threat to euthanase the dogs “because there’s so many poisonous creatures in Australia, you could die at any minute”.

When asked to give his thoughts on Joyce, Depp said: “He looks somehow inbred with a tomato. “It’s not a criticism,” Depp added. “I was a little worried. He just might explode.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star did not reveal who scripted the apology video, saying it was put together by “an absolute genius”.

Watch the full interview below.

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