Joh Griggs delivers powerful Paralympics speech

"Our loyal, proud and fierce athletes are ready to take the stage."
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The 2021 Paralympics have kicked off and captaining the Aussie coverage is former competitive swimmer, Johanna Griggs. 

WATCH: 2020 Paralympics Opening Ceremony Opener

During the opening of the Games, Joh, 47, delivered a powerful message about this year’s Paralympians.

“Over the next 12 days, 179 elite level athletes from all over Australia, competing in 18 sports, are going to surprise, delight and amaze you,” Joh began her speech.

Joh has delivered a powerful speech during the opening of the 2020 Paralympics. (Credit: Supplied)

“Many will achieve and surpass goals that they were told would never be possible. We don’t doubt for a second that they are going to change the way that you think, because in their world, nothing is impossible.”

“Our loyal, proud and fierce athletes are ready to take the stage,” the 47-year-old ended her message. 

The former competitive swimmer was originally asked to join Channel 7’s Olympic coverage back in 1996 during the Atlana Games. This year, the House Rules presenter hosted her milestone seventh Games.

Joh is a former competitive swimmer and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist. (Credit: Getty)

“I never take the job for granted and I am so proud of that milestone,” Joh told New Idea.

“You never know what they will throw up. You have to be ready for everything. But that’s the thrill of it … that’s what makes hosting it so exciting!

“I was saying to my co-host Luke [Darcy] that the job seems daunting, but you get so excited for the athletes and experience so much joy for them.” 

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Bound to be over the moon for Joh is her husband Todd Huggins, and her children, Jesse and Joe, with whom the presenter still carries the tradition of watching sport as a family. 

As for this year’s athletes, representing Australia in wheelchair racing is 24-year-old Robyn Lambird who told Girlfriend earlier in the year that training was “going well”.

“It’s going to be a very different Olympics with COVID. But it’s exciting to make my international Paralympic debut.”

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