Jodi Gordon’s approach to co-parenting is all about making it work

“We make the best out of the situation at hand.”
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Jodi Gordon has donned many roles over the years. Martha MacKenzie in Home and Away, Elly Conway in Neighbours, and Kylie Keogh in Underbelly – just to name a few.

WATCH BELOW: Former Home and Away star Jodi Gordon opens up about motherhood

While she’s had a string of high-profile gigs in the world of entertainment, it’s clear to see that her best role is being mum to her daughter Aleeia.

The 37-year-old shares her only daughter with her ex-husband Braith Anasta, who she married in 2012 before they separated three years later.

Despite their split, Jodi and Braith have maintained a solid co-parenting partnership, with Aleeia’s needs always put first.

jodi gordon braith
Jodi and Braith married in 2012 before they split in 2015. (Credit: Getty)

Speaking to Now To Love in 2020, Braith explained that when it comes to co-parenting, it’s all about routine and structure for their daughter.

“She goes to school Monday to Friday and is here with us as a family and then Jodi has her on the weekends,” the Fox Sports star told the publication.

“She can see her whenever she likes, she probably sees her a bit more and can just go hang out, that’s the advantage of being in Sydney.”

jodi gordon daughter
Jodi shares her daughter Aleeia with Braith. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking previously about how she and her ex make it work, Jodi said it isn’t always easy.

“Braith and I, we work together and it’s always been like that, and we make the best out of the situation at hand,” Jodi previously told Nine Honey.

“It can be tough. I’ve spoken to a lot of single mums about it and how it can be really tough at times, but you figure it out. It’s like everything in life.

“You do the best that you can, be the best mum you can, and as long as you’ve got support you can make it work.”

jodi gordon Sebastian Blackler
Jodi and Sebastian had an on-and-off relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

While Aleeia has and always will be Jodi’s main focus, the actress still has managed to make time for love and relationships over the years.

Following her split with Braith, Jodi began dating investment banker Sebastian Blackler in 2020, and went on to have an on-and-off relationship.

The couple reportedly broke up last year, after police reportedly took out matching AVOs against the two following an incident that took place in April.

Months later, Jodi debuted her new relationship with Aiden Walsh, but the Daily Mail Australia reported in December that they had quietly split.

jodi gordon aiden walsh
Jodi and Aiden went public in 2021, but appear to have split. (Credit: Instagram)

Jodie’s current dating status isn’t clear, but she does have her sights set on her next project: Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Set to premiere this month, Celebrity Apprentice is Jodi’s first appearance in a TV series since playing Elly Conway in Neighbours from 2016 to 2020.

And much to the delight of Neighbours fans, Jodi will be reprising her character for the ending of the long-running soap this year.

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