Jimmy Bartel follows girlfriend Lauren Mand on Instagram

More devastating news for his ex Nadia Bartel.
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Jimmy Bartel has followed Lauren Mand confirming the relationship that has been making headlines for weeks. The news will devastate Jimmy’s ex Nadia Bartel, the mother of his two sons, who he split from two months ago.

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The public following of Lauren have left many believing that the rumoured couple are planning to go public with their relationship. 

His telling move comes less than a month after new details emerged about the footy player’s new love interest, with an Instagram post confirming Lauren had relocated from Melbourne to London less than three months before Jimmy flew to the British capital.

Jimmy Bartel follows girlfriend Lauren Mand on Instagram
Jimmy Bartel follows girlfriend Lauren Mand on Instagram

“She’s leaving me…London is so lucky to have you @laurenhmand,” a friend of Lauren’s captioned the post on March 30 from what appeared to be a farewell celebration at Melbourne’s Osborne Rooftop & Bar. 

While these details may seem irrelevant, knowing that Lauren had already relocated when Jimmy visited London adds more weight to Nadia’s comments about her husband’s holiday. 

“I don’t want to comment specifically on what’s been reported about Jim’s trip to the UK as I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest,” Nadia told the Herald Sun

In happier times: Jimmy with ex Nadia
In happier times: Jimmy with ex Nadia

Her heartwrenching statement seemingly confirms Jimmy had spent time with his rumoured love interest while travelling abroad. 

Then, two weeks ago, another source told the outlet that Lauren has “long been referring to Jimmy as her boyfriend” and is allegedly happy news of their unexpected relationship has made headlines. Some have even claimed the aspiring WAG has been trying to break into their social circles for years in the hope of elevating her status.

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