Big Brother star QUITS social media: “I need a break”

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Reality star and social media influencer Jessika Power has dramatically quit social media in an emotional post made to her 370k Instagram followers. 

The 30-year-old first shot to fame on Married at First Sight in 2019, before going on to star in Big Brother Australia VIP in 2021 and Celebs Go Dating in 2022. 

She has raked in earnings from her influencing and from post adult content on Only Fans, making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from the subscription based platform. 

WATCH NOW: Jessika Power talks about messages Shane Warne sent her. Article continues after video. 

But for now, it seems that Jessica has had enough of the spotlight, revealing the hidden toll her time in the public domain has taken on her mental health. 

Sharing three images side by side, one of her in full glam, and the other two makeup-less and dressed in comfy clothes, Jessika wrote a candid caption. 

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“So, I’ve been asked ‘why are you having time off social media’, and here’s my reason…I’ve been doing media, events, radio, articles, television, and podcasts since 2019.”

“I’ve been hated, I’ve had death threats, I’ve had my family abused, I’ve had my shitty relationships smashed across the media.”

Jessika says “social media” has been a drain on her mental health. (Credit: Instagram)

“My family’s lives have been shared with everyone. I’ve spoken out, I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve hated it, I’ve capitalised on it and there’s never been a day where I’ve gone ‘okay, enough and I need a break’ and it seems the second I do the nasty comments on why I’m doing it and the rest of the bullsh**..so here’s a photo of me (unedited with makeup) and here’s a photo of me today.”

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The UK-based reality star then went on to thank her followers for their support and love over the years before writing that remaining on social media would be “hurtful” to her mental health. 

“I just needed a break.” (Credit: Instagram)

“People always think posting on social media and making money from it is ‘super easy and lazy’ but the emotional aspect and the way it drains you mentally every single day is fkn hard!” Jessika wrote before adding that she would be back “and better.”

“I have so many amazing projects to share and show you all! I just needed a break. I’m excited to do more TV, share my projects and work harder.”

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