New couple alert! Are Jessika Power and Ciarran Stott dating?

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If there ever was a match made in controversial reality TV dreams, Bachelor in Paradise’s Ciarran Stott, 26, and Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power, 27, would be it.

WATCH: Jessika Power calls ex Dan Webb a “snake”

The pair sent fans into a frenzy this week after sharing a photo of themselves getting very friendly on Instagram.

 Jessica simply captioned the post, “Trouble”.

Meanwhile, Ciarran cheekily responded: “Oh, what an absolute night!”

Ciarran Stott Jessika Power
Fans begged Bachelor in Paradise’s Ciarran Stott and Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power to get together after Jess posted this photo on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

While the photo in question appears to have been a throwback image, that didn’t stop followers from grilling the pair on whether they were an item, with one follower claiming they were “made for each other”.

“I actually ship this,” wrote one excited fan, while another accused: “Ooooh you hooked up!!”

An additional tweet read: “This must have been a while ago, but I think you two would be a power couple.”

Jessika Power Dan Webb
Jessika Power controversially struck up a relationship with co-star Dan Webb (right) before the relationship went down in flames. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Both Jessica and Ciarran have a lot in common after their respective stints on reality TV.

When Jess took part in ratings juggernaut Married At First Sight in 2019, she was slammed for dumping her “husband” Mick Gould to pursue a relationship with Dan Webb, who had been matched with Tamara Joy.

Jess and Dan’s romance eventually fell apart live on air after an awkward exchange on MAFS spin-off Talking Married, where they had just re-watched some of Jess’ most controversial scenes.

Jessica Brody Ciarran Stott
Ciarran (pictured with Jessica Brody) also had a controversial run during his Bachelor in Paradise appearance. (Credit: Network Ten)

Meanwhile, Ciarran became equally as loathed after appearing on Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year.

He was slammed for hooking up with a number of women in Fiji, including Jessica Brody, Kiki Morris and Abbie Chatfield, while simultaneously becoming upset when former Bachelorette co-star Matt Whyatt made moves on his ex, Renee Barrett.

Prior to his Bachelor In Paradise foray, Ciarran was a fan favourite on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette last year.

While he appeared to be winning the affections of Angie, he was forced to leave the show prematurely following the death of his grandmother.

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