Jessica Rowe’s shock BOOB JOB confession

"I had always been flat as a pancake..."
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Jessica Rowe has made a startling confession in her new book, Diary of a Crap Housewife.


In an exert published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the mother-of-two, 48, reveals she wanted breast implants after living with a plastic surgeon in her 20s.

“I was particularly taken with the before and after pictures of breast implants. I had always been flat as a pancake and briefly flirted with the idea of getting a boob job,” she recalled.

“Thank goodness my implants remained a daydream. I would have looked absurd with big boobs, my body out of proportion and comical, like a Chupa Chups lollipop.”

Jess joked that despite not going under the knife, she still gave her boobs a boost when she began dating Channel Nine news anchor, Peter Overton.

“Early on in my courtship with my husband Peter, I often wore wondrously padded bras under white angora polo-necked jumpers,” she recounted in the exert.

“He still teases me about my ‘false advertisin'” during those days of getting to know one other. When my bra, which was a marvel of engineering, unclipped from the front, all it revealed was my AAA-cup breasts.”

Peter and Jess are parents to two girls, Allegra, 12, and Giselle, 10.

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