Jessica Rowe’s tears as she triumphs over crippling fears

And can we please take a moment to honour her amazing abs!
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Jessica Rowe broke down in tears of joy as she won the role of Baby on The Real Dirty Dancing on Tuesday night’s show. 

The former Studio 10 star, who flaunted her incredible abs during her performance, admitted she has struggled with being sexy while dancing on the show. 

WATCH: Jessica Rowe breaks down on The Real Dirty Dancing

Jess confessed: “When you become a mum you almost feel that a part of yourself shuts down; that part of you that is just for you. I don’t feel sexy.”

But it turns out the 49-year-old TV host should have had more confidence in herself, after the boys all voted for Jessica to win the role. 


Speaking on behalf of the boys, Jamie Durie said: “We were all just so taken with all of your performances, they were absolutely mind blowing.”

“The transformation from day one to now, has been phenomenal. This has been a very, very tough decision.”

“But unfortunately there can only be one winner… and it’s Jess! You were amazing.”

She battled against fellow contestants Stephanie Rice, Anne Edmonds and Anna Heinrich to take the role of Baby. 


Jess will play the role alongside Hugh Sheridan, who was chosen by the ladies on Monday night to play Johnny.

“Thankyou!” the TV personality said, after she was told she’d won.

“I’m so overwhelmed. It was the furthest thing from my mind that this would happen. I can’t believe it.”

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