US report: Jennifer Aniston writing blockbuster tell-all

She's setting the record straight!

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly planning to write a bombshell tell-all to finally set the record straight about her love life, RadarOnline reports.

Just months after her shocking divorce from Justin Theroux, the actress is weighing up offers to tell her life story in a sensational autobiography that a source reveals will “make her a fortune.” 

“This would be Jen’s chance to set the record straight about so many aspects of her life that have been badly conveyed or misunderstood,” a pal revealed to Radar.

(Credit: Getty)

The source adds, “It wouldn’t be anything salacious or unpleasant, because that’s not Jen’s style and never would be,” revealed he insider. “But she figures that if anyone’s going to put together a definite portrait of her life then it may as well be her.”

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