Err… Jennifer Aniston just wore the same pants as Ross from Friends

So that's where she gets her style inspo from!

Who could forget the episode of Friends where Ross Geller squeezes himself into a pair of iconic skintight leather pants for a hot (and ultimately ill fated) date in 1999.

Not Jennifer Aniston, it seems!

The former Friends star pulled on a pair of her own leathers for the launch of Apple TV+ in California on Monday, and fans didn’t miss a beat as they drew comparisons between the two sets of trousers.

OMG… We can’t believe Jennifer Aniston just channelled Ross from Friends!

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jennifer aniston leather
(Credit: Getty Images)
ross friends leather pants

Despite the 20 year gap between Ross and Jennifer’s outfits, the pants looked bizarrely similar.

Jen, who recently turned 50, also channelled the rest of Ross’ original look by donning a low cut black shirt.

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