‘Jealous mum to blame’ for Kieran Jack drama

Spat went public after girlfriend took the spotlight

Footy star Kieran Jack’s family feud – which spilled over into the public domain this week – is being blamed squarely on his mother’s ‘jealousy’, according to a new report.

The Sydney Swans captain’s private heartache became a talking point after his mother Donna posted a tweet admonishing him for not giving tickets to his 200th game to herself and Kieran’s father, Garry. And according to the Daily Telegraph, Swans officials even tried to mediate a family resolution, which ‘ended in a screaming match.’

It is claimed that while Kieran’s parents at first welcomed his partner Charlotte Goodlet, things soon turned sour. According to the paper, ‘the relationship grew toxic when Donna was no longer the number one woman in her son’s life.’

Sources close to the drama allege that Donna has previously threatened to take the family tensions public, with bad blood becoming evident before the 2014 AFL grand final when the enthusiastic mum allegedly became incensed that she and her husband were not offered flights and accommodation, while Charlotte was.

Kieran has spoken of his distress over the discord, saying:  ‘I’ve been pretty disappointed the way the situation has been put out into the public eye … it’s a private matter and my wish is for it to stay that way.’

Donna has declined to make any further statement on the matter. 

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