Jana Pittman shares a baby bump update as she prepares to welcome her twins

"Time to start my birth practice."
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Doctor Jana Pittman has shared a pregnancy update as she prepares to welcome her twins.

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The SAS Australia alum took to her Instagram on Thursday to share a series of pictures of her burgeoning baby bump, revealing details about the final stage of her pregnancy.

“Time to start my birth practice with hopefully about 5wks to go!” the star wrote. “This will be my #5th labour and every one has been amazing, challenging and very different.

“The last 2 births I have used #hypnobirthing to prepare.. it really helped get me physically and mentally ready for birth!”

Jana Pittman has shared a baby bump update. (Credit: Instagram)

Hypnobirthing refers to using self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods as a means of pain relief. 

After sharing the post, the doctor was soon inundated with messages of support from her fans.

“You look the picture of health ❤️ All the best in your birth preparations,” one follower wrote.

“Hopefully less painful than SAS Australia,” another penned. “We all know you can handle pain!!! Good luck ahead. Exciting times ❤️”

The doctor revealed she’s been practising hypnobirthing. (Credit: Instagram)

The mum-of-four first revealed she was expecting twins exclusively to New Idea in October last year.

“I never thought I’d have six children,” Jana, the last woman standing on SAS told us during our photo shoot at her Sydney home. “I don’t know how we are going to cope. How will we all fit into my car? I can see life is going to be a logistical nightmare.”

Jana also dished on the telling clue that indicated that twins were on the way.

Jana revealed she was expecting exclusively to New Idea in October 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

“Early on, I used to wonder: ‘Why am I so nauseous?’ None of my other babies made me feel sick,” Jana explained, admitting the varicose veins on her left leg are very real, too. “I pondered if I had twins on board.”

Her husband, Paul Gatward, a finance lawyer, is ecstatic there’ll be two additions to their ‘Brady Bunch’ family, which includes son, Charlie, daughters Emily and Jemima – who Jana conceived through anonymous sperm donation when she was a single mum – and son Cornelis, whom Jana shares with her former coach and husband, Chris Rawlinson.

“Paul never thought he’d have children, so he’s ecstatic. And I’m stoked because I love the idea of having a beautiful, big family for the rest of my life.”

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