Jackie O reveals details of her latest health scare

Kyle Sandilands suggested it was due to menopause.
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Jackie O, 49, has shared new details about her health while on KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show

WATCH: Jackie O Henderson reveals health scare

Speaking to a medical expert Dr Sam Hay, Jackie told listeners about her new skin condition.

“When I wake up in the night, my hands and sometimes my arms or back of the legs feel itchy,” the radio host said. “It only happens in the night.”

Jackie O has revealed she has itchy skin at night. (Credit: Instagram)

Dr Hay suggested that Jackie’s symptoms could be due to heat.

“When we overheat and the blood flow goes to the skin, it can also make the skin itchy,” he explained.

Dr Hay then agreed with Jackie’s co-host Kyle Sandilands when he suggested that the itching could be a result of menopause, before suggesting it may also be due to a new soap or hay fever.

Kyle suggested it may be menopause. (Credit: Instagram)

Jackie O’s skin condition comes seven months after the radio jockey opened up about finding a lump in her breast.

The 49-year-old discovered the lump during a photoshoot with her friend Gemma for the business venture Besties

Jackie was applying fake tan in the bathroom when she noticed the irregularity and sought a second opinion.

“I went into the bathroom and she looked very emotional,” Gemma recalled while appearing on Studio 10.

Jackie O, pictured here with her daughter, had a health scare when she found a lump in her breast. (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “(Jackie) said: ‘I’ve just found a lump in my breast’. And I said, ‘Are you sure?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah’.

“She was standing there, naked. She said ‘Can you feel?’ And so I’m standing there feeling her breast and I said ‘Yeah, there is something small in there actually’.”

Luckily, a subsequent mammogram confirmed that Jackie’s lump was nothing out of the ordinary.

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