Jackie O reveals plastic surgery news

'I think my nose is too skinny'

Recently divorced radio host Jackie O has revealed she visited a plastic surgeon to discuss her nose. 

While speaking with Botched star Paul Nassif, the 44-year-old admitted she consulted with a plastic surgeon because her ‘nose is too skinny’. 

‘I think my nose is too skinny,’ she confessed to Paul. 

(Credit: Instagram)

According to her co host Kyle Sandilands, Jackie has mentioned that she has wanted a nose job before. 

Jackie also asked Paul if if were possible for her to have a fuller nose. 

‘I do that quite a lot,’ he said. 

‘I do a rhinoplasty where I add rib cartilage.’

Kyle then began to tease Jackie about her ‘Michael Jackson like nose.’ 

‘If you can imagine what Michael Jackson’s nose looked like towards the end,’ he joked. 

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