Jackie O returns to radio and opens up about her time off

The big return
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Ahead of Kyle and Jackie O returning on air on January 16, Jackie O was on Sunrise this morning, chatting about her time off, how she’s doing now and the lead-up to her big return next week.

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After listeners were shocked when Jackie announced she was leaving the show last yeah, Jackie opened up about why she took time off, saying that she was ‘burnt out’. 

“It was burn out, I was getting sick a lot and I got thrown around by Covid”

She went on to say how amazing and supportive that her co-host Kyle had been in recent times and said, “we really respect each other at the end of the day”. 

“It was burn out, I was getting sick a lot and I got thrown around by Covid” (Credit: Getty)

Jackie’s also talked about her weight loss journey and how Weightwatchers helped her reach her weight loss goal, she mentioned that weight loss isn’t about the number on the scales.

“I don’t want anyone obsessing about weight and I don’t want anyone obsessing about junk food and as a parent you are always mindful about the things you say in front of your kids so for me that’s really important that it’s not about calories,” Jackie O said. 

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Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson have worked together in radio for almost 20 years.

But on November 14, Jackie announced on air she was leaving The Kyle and Jackie O Show for ‘health reasons’.

Jackie revealed that ever since she contracted COVID-19 a few months ago, she’s been suffering with poor health and hasn’t completely recovered from the virus.

(Credit: Seven)

And so, Jackie revealed to listeners that she’d be taking a break from radio on the advice of her doctor.

“I’ve been not very well ever since I’ve had COVID… I’ve been struggling with this fatigue,” Jackie said.

Jackie then said that’s why she was going to take a break from co-hosting KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, without specifying exactly when she’d return.

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