Ivan Krslovic, the dancing Bachelor from Ali Oetjen’s season makes his ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ debut tonight!

In a Magic-Mike inspired routine!
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Australia’s Got Talent returns tonight for another jam-packed episode of Australia’s most incredible acts, and believe it or not but another star from The Bachelor universe has made their way onto the show.

The premiere episode of AGT saw Apollo Jackson saw the magician suspend himself upside, chained up, set on fire, falling toward a pit of spikes.

Just another day on the job! For tonight’s episode, it’s controversial Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise contestant Ivan Krslovic’s turn, but his act is a little less dangerous.

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Alongside mind-boggling magicians, incredible dancers and singers, viewers are blessed with Krslovic’s signature moves… once again displayed on national television.

In a sequence that is promoted to look familiar to what you might see on Magic Mike, Ivan rips his shirt off… much to the delight of judge Nicole Scherzinger. 

(Credit: Channel Seven)
(Credit: Channel Seven)

Ivan’s appearance on AGT is what we can only assume is his attempt at redemption after he was heavily criticised for his behaviour on Bachelor In Paradise last season, toward ‘love-interest’ Tenille Favios.

And Ivan Krslovic struggled to contain his emotions as he spoke of the backlash he received after his “scary and possessive” actions towards fellow BIP star.

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“You know messages just keep coming in. I get called a monster,” he said, choking back the tears after the show had aired.

In the heartbreaking clip, Ivan explained he didn’t believe the words reflected his character, going on to say he always tries to be positive.

“[I get called] stuff that I don’t think I am as a person. I try really hard to be like a light. And someone who spreads happiness.” 

He finished: “Getting that sort of image and seeing myself back. It really hurt.” 


Show host Osher Gunberg then questioned the Melbourne dancer if he understood why “that kind of behaviour wasn’t acceptable”.

Ivan admitted: “Maybe I needed to see it on-screen to realise how I was acting. I did actually see a future with Tenille. And I wanted to protect that at all costs.”  

He went on to confess that it “just came out in the worst way,” before offering a sincere apology to Tenille in front of the live studio audience.

Ivan was blasted on social media for his scary and possessive behaviour towards Tenille, who he’d only known for six days at the time, with Osher himself even taking a swipe at the reality TV star.

Osher tweeted: “Listen, Ivan. Respect what SHE wants mate.” 

Taking to Instagram stories soon after the scene aired, Ivan wrote: “I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for my behaviour in Paradise.” 

“It is not a part of me that I knew was there and I’m ashamed and embarrassed watching the show back not just as a man but as a human.”

“I work really hard to impact people and the world in a positive way and unfortunately I have done the exact opposite here,” he wrote.   

He continued: “I was in a foreign environment with heightened emotions and I didn’t realise that past experiences would manifest within me in such a negative way.” 

Ivan went on to add the way he acted was wrong, but insisted that no one is perfect. 

Hopefully, his epic return to TV  tonight on Australia’s Got Talent will show Australia a new side to him! A fun, talented guy who just loves to dance.

Watch more of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ on Channel Seven.

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