It’s official! MAFS’ Mike Gunner’s podcast is a major FAIL

Stick To Your Knitting?
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Sunday evening rang in the fifth episode of Mike Gunner’s podcast, Stick To Your Knitting.


And it’s official, the 44-year-old Married At First Sight star should stick to his day job.

Mike, who probably sees more sparks as an electrician on the Gold Coast than likes on his YouTube Channel, has garnered just 81 podcast views as of Tuesday evening.

This is a dismal number, compared to the 6000 his first episode attracted.

“Can one man, in one podcast, change the world? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’d like to find out,” Mike told the Courier Mail of his side project, weeks after his split from TV wife and professional radio host, Heidi Latcham.


Mike announced his new career aspirations via his Instagram account last month, telling his followers in a video, “Hey, guys. It’s Mike here, and a felt like doing a little podcasting, and do you know what? I need some questions.

“They could be relationship questions, life questions, things that puzzle you. I’m going to sort this out for you right here and now. So write a question in the comments and I’m gonna get to it, and I’m just gonna f**ken freestyle this thing. So yeah, hit me up with a question and let’s see if we can solve some issues.”

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