It’s official! Jimmy Bartel and Lauren Mand pictured on a date

Poor Nadia!
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Just weeks after Jimmy Bartel walked out on his wife of five years and the mother of his two children, Nadia Bartel, he’s been pictured enjoying a date with WAG wannabe, Lauren Mand.

In pictures on the Daily Mail Australia, the pair were captured having beers and lunch at midday on Wednesday at the Manly Greenhouse restaurant in Sydney.

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However, the eye-witness said relations were not all rosy in the garden.

“There was no touching or hand-holding. [Jimmy] looked pretty serious and they weren’t laughing or anything,” they said.

“They were there for a while. He seemed a bit sheepish and was looking around to see if anyone recognised him.”

Jimmy Bartel and Lauren Mand have been pictured together for the first time
Jimmy Bartel and Lauren Mand have been pictured together for the first time

Another onlooker added to the Daily Mail: “They didn’t look like a couple, they were sitting and relaxing. They were just enjoying the day.”

Although the pair tried to keep their catch-up on the downlow, with Lauren sporting massive black aviators, it wasn’t difficult to spot them outside such a busy pub right across from one of the most famous and visited beaches in the country.

The pictures of the afternoon hook-up marks the first time the pair have been seen together since their relationship was made public on August 16. But Lauren has been telling friends that Jimmy is her “boyfriend” for some time.

It’s believed the pair may have spent the night together in Sydney as Jimmy was spotted returning to his home in Melbourne at Sydney Domestic Airport on Thursday by a pap who queried him about his new romance, but he refused to answer.

Nadia and Jimmy Bartel
Nadia and Jimmy in happier times (Credit: Instagram)

The pictures are sure to devastate an already heartbroken Nadia, who is said to have found text messages from Lauren on Jimmy’s phone.

Nadia put on a brave face as she made her first public appearance on Wednesday at an engagement promoting women in Melbourne, but the influencer and fashion designer look strained.

 Nadia is reportedly “bracing herself” for a flood of humiliating new revelations about her estranged husband Jimmy’s alleged antics, amid reports of apparently lurid text messages from “multiple people”.

According to the Herald Sun’s Page 13, Nadia is cringing at the thought that more dirt is coming and she’ll have to shield her two young sons from the fallout. Now the paper says “many of Nadia’s friends” are speaking out.

“As is oft the case with a messy split with other parties involved, Nadia’s friends are fuming for their bestie and looking for blood,” the paper reports.

“Gobsmacked at what they call a horrible betrayal, they have told Page 13 Nadia is bracing herself for even more women to emerge.”

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