Inside Brad and Jen’s romantic honeymoon

Following their intimate commitment ceremony, the couple jet set off.

As previously reported, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston recently recommitted to each other in an intimate ceremony. 

The two stars, who first wed in July 2000, thew together a no-frills backyard commitment ceremony and pledged their love in front of their parents, close friends and Brad’s six kids. 

Now, the recently reunited couple are planning on celebrating their renewed commitment with a ‘dream honeymoon’, an insider told In Touch

According to the US publication’s report, Brad, 54, and Jen, 49, are jetting off on a two-week trip to Italy, starting with a stay at pal George Clooney’s villa in Lake Como.

‘Jen and Brad felt it was only fitting that they kick off their honeymoon there,’ a source says. 

The US publication also reports the newly reunited couple are desperate to start a family, with a source dishing: ‘The highest priority on their list right now is starting a family right away.’ 

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‘This is the perfect time to start this new phase of their life,’ adds the source.

According to In Touch, Italy was Jen’s idea. 

Now that the former flames are committed to one another, friends close the pair tell, ‘Having a baby will be another in a series of dreams come true for Jen,’ adding they’re determined to get it right this time. 

‘Now that Brad and Jen have reconnected and supported one another through their nasty divorces, they’re not about to let each other get away again.’ 

‘They’re revelling in their time together. It’s like they were never apart,’ a friend dishes. 

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in touch

Earlier in the year, Brad and Jen were the subject of a shocking photo scandal, which sensationally claims the pair were ‘busted’ over an alleged secret Aspen reunion, after a ‘hotel concierge blew their cover.’

The publication goes on to claim that the duo have arranged to meet up on a skiing break. While she will be accompanied by close friends, it seems there is room for Brad.

When Jen mentioned that she was planning to go skiing with friends in Aspen after New Years, a light bulb went off in Brads head, claims Stars source. He said he could fly over in his private jet and meet up with her there.

He pointed out that they could even hit the slopes together, since no one would recognise them in their ski masks, goggles and helmets. Jen thought it was genius. 

The magazine claims that Jen booked a $10,000 a night chalet featuring multiple fireplaces and hot tubs. 

The trip is going to be a blast, claims the source, who adds, I imagine Brad and Jen will steal private moments to they can have some emotional heart-to-hearts.

Neither Brad or Jen have responded to In Touch’s report. 

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