‘I’m a big pussycat’: MAFS Amanda SLAMS show for her ‘aggressive’ edit

All is not what it seems, she says.
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Married At First Sight‘s Amanda Micallef has been accused of being ‘aggressive‘ by her TV wife, Tash Herz, and the show’s fans.

However, Amanda says not all is as it seems.

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‘I think… what you are seeing is an extremely, highly-edited version of the situation as well, and there is a lot that has been cut out too,’ Amanda told Today Extra hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell.

‘You’re probably seeing the worst of the situation at times, too,’ she added.

Amanda’s revelation comes after recent scenes on MAFS show the newlywed putting pressure on her wife, Tash to be intimate

Her comments have ended in awkward, televised fights.

‘How the hell am I meant to manifest feelings of warmth and love and affection when they’re being that aggressive?’ Tash told producers on camera this week.

‘I walk away from situations like that because she was too aggressive for me.

‘It just reduces me to tears. I’m giving as much as I can.’

To be continued…

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