House Rules Kate and Harry: Our secret heartache

TV's most feisty couple open up about their hidden struggles.
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Not a renovation has gone by without Adelaide parents Kate and Harry pushing their relationship to the limits.

Easily one of the couples who have faced the most challenges in the history of House Rules, the passionate duo admit it has never been smooth sailing in their romance, either.

Hailing from different sides of the track, Harry, 32, confesses that he’s really struggled with jealousy when it comes to Kate, 28.

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‘I’m from the tough side of town,’ the chippie tells New Idea.

‘I was brought up with not much money and just worked hard, so to move where we are now is massive.

‘We’ve worked our way up and I’ve worked really hard to get where we are.

‘On the flipside, Kate’s family are very lucky.’

When Harry got together with Kate, he says his family couldn’t understand their dynamic.

‘They call us snobs,’ he says.

‘Because my family are very happy with what they’ve got and don’t want to be ambitious or be successful, they don’t get us.

‘I’ve worked really hard since I was 16 to do something different,’ he adds.

‘I did half of Year 12 and left to do my apprenticeship. The longest holiday I’ve had is three weeks since then.’

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While they’ve come a long way over the past 10 years, and are now parents to two-year-old Xavier, there’s no denying things got off to a rocky start for the sweethearts.

‘We met at a bar called the Grand in Adelaide,’ Kate recalls.

‘I actually had a boyfriend at the time. Harry tried to talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to him!’

Harry laughs, interjecting: ‘I was like: “Who is this girl?” I had a thing that I could pretty much chat up anyone, and she didn’t fall for it, so that’s what attracted me to her. I had to do a bit of chasing!’

Fortunately for Harry, his pursuits paid off – and the couple are hoping a win on House Rules will help pay for their wedding.

‘I think we’ll get engaged soon,’ Kate says excitedly. ‘We will get married. It’s just all about getting set up – in case anything does happen, we’re supported.’

For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – Out now.

(Credit: New Idea)

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