House Rules’ Luke and Cody to host their own show!

The loveable lads share their plans to pursue a career in TV

There’s no doubt Queensland twins Luke and Cody have won their fair share of fans this season on House Rules.

And viewers will be pleased to know the boys would ‘love to’ continue to make television.

‘It would be good to do a travel show or something like that,’ Luke tells New Idea.

‘We’d love to go round to all the rural places. I’m not a massive fan of cities so I’d love to show people the outback of Australia and the rural Australia.’

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Cody in particular is keen to get out of outback Queensland and experience everything life has to offer post-House Rules.

‘Dalby is always going to be home but I want to get out and see the world before I settle down into Dalby,’ he admits.

While their futures could go any way at this point, the 24-year-olds say one thing is for certain – they will never change.

‘We don’t really think of all this as fame,’ Luke says.

‘Me and Cody are just ourselves and that’s one thing that won’t change. We always said to our family that we wouldn’t embarrass them or change who we are.’

Cody adds: ‘Being from a small town, you’re going to get a pretty big reality check if you go back thinking your **** don’t stink. We’ve got a good group of mates and they say it how it is.’

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