House Rules Harry & Kate: Our heartbreak

'Don't talk about it or I'll cry.'

They entered the House Rules competition in an effort to give their little boy Xavier a better life.

But Adelaide couple Kate and Harry admit that being forced apart from the two-year-old during filming took a much bigger toll than they expected.


“It was by far the hardest part,” Kate told Weekend Sunrise.

“It’s years in [Xavier’s life] we’re never going to get back but we just had to think ‘that final prize, our beautiful home’ and it was just worth it.”

Speaking to New Idea about the separation, the young couple – who lost to close friends Aaron and Daniella in the show’s grand finale -couldn’t help but get emotional.

“Don’t talk about it or I’ll cry,” 32-year-old Harry confessed. “We really struggled with it.”


Despite not taking out the top prize of $200,000, the pair were gifted a life-changing home renovation.

And now that the cameras have finally stopped rolling, they are well and truly ready to grow their brood.


“Definitely the first thing we’ll do after this is to start trying for another baby,” Kate, 28, revealed.

“We couldn’t do it where we were before. It was impossible… we didn’t even have a kitchen!”

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