House Rules grand final shock: Luke and Cody’s embarrassment

The popular twins reveal what’s left them red-faced the day after the finale
Channel Seven

To say Luke and Cody’s House Rules win was emotional would be an understatement.

Loveable Luke could hardly speak for sobbing with joy when host Joh Griggs told the boys they had won the renovation competition.

‘I actually couldn’t stop, I just lost it,’ Luke says sheepishly.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Cody then chimed in, mimicking his brother crying.

‘I’d already been doing my fair share of sledging him for just crying,’ Cody jokes.

‘But after last night it was a whole new level. He would not stop! As his brother I now have my duty to pay him out about it.’

Following their big win, the 24-year-old twins partied through the night at their newly renovated Dalby home.

‘We haven’t had any sleep. I feel quite dusty,’ Luke admits.

‘It was a big night.’

The boys say they will fly up runners up Claire and Hagan and their two children ‘whenever suits them’ for a much-needed holiday.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

‘As soon as we finished filming we gave them a call,’ Luke says.

‘We’re going to have holiday with Claire and Hagan in Dalby. We’ll bring them up here and we’ll probably just go fishing and camping.’

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