House Rules elimination shock

A furious Lawrence lays in to the contestants

Tensions are running high in Sunday night’s elimination episode of House Rules.


In a newly released sneak peak of the upcoming episode, all seems well at first.

Inspections of the five houses are met with delight from the judges.


‘You absolutely nailed that,” judge Drew Heath can be heard saying to one of the couples.


‘Everything you did,’ I loved it,’ comments fellow judge Wendy Moore.


However, the atmosphere changes when Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen enters the room


‘He’s wearing a fun suit, but he’s not in a fun mood,” comes the cheeky observation from the twins.


And they weren’t wrong.


‘What you did was the worst thing you could do,’ slams Lawrence, before the camera pans out to a shocked Fiona and Nicole.


‘You totally blew it,’ he concludes.


Have Fiona and Nicole ruined their chances of winning?


We’ll just have to wait and see…


House Rules: Sunday 7pm on Seven

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